Irish University Business School

Established in 1995 in Dublin, Ireland the Irish University Business School (IUBS) has built up an excellent reputation for the quality of its bachelor, masters and DBA/PhD courses.

We have a unique advantage over all other colleges. Traditionally, academics have devised what they consider to be the best syllabus for each subject. Administrators have been left to recommend the best books often basing the choice on percentage of coverage of the syllabus. Often five or more books have been recommended to cover the syllabus.

We believe that it is more important to choose the best book for the subject and then to state that the contents pages of the book comprise the syllabus. Thus, we need recommend only one book for each subject but it is the best one.

We now have over 50 degree courses (in three languages) of which the most popular remains the BBA, MBA and the PhD. Other mainstream courses are in financial management, human resource management, information technology, procurement and logistics, and treasury management.

All our courses are conducted by distance learning and the costs range from US dollars 2,970 (including books) to the PhD at USD 8,680. Exemptions are given on a one-or-one basis related to previous examination success.

In each subject, we test by means of a mini-thesis of a minimum of 5,000 words for first degrees and 10,000 words for master degrees. These theses are intended to ensure that the student has understood the core text and can apply the knowledge gained on a practical basis.
Great emphasis is placed on the quality of English and presentation and only work which has cleared a grammar checker set for style and grammar is accepted. The skills that students learn are much more valuable than can be learned in a typical classroom rote-learning environment.

As well as our internet-based distance-learning courses, we have traditional learning centres in Cameroon, Gambia, Ghana, Kenya and Swaziland. In Nigeria, we have many centres.

Our Annual Convocation will be held on a Saturday, in October 2016  in the Town Hall, Kensington.  Visa invitations will be sent out from June 2016.

On all our courses we allow students to pay in instalments.